Himachal Pradesh is almost surrounded by the snowy white ice in majority of the places. The attractive and peaceful white region encloses several hidden facts. If you have planned to make a travel; this is the best destination to spend your holidays with more adventurous and some thrill experience. It is also apt for trekking, visiting ancient temples and so on. When you enter this region, you may feel the fearful experience while seeing the falling river valleys and snowy peaks. It encloses new experience of skiing, paragliding, climbing to every tourist.

It is widespread pasture and meadows to see various different species of flowers, wild animals, lofty snow trees and some ancient herbs. The Himachal Pradesh is also the world’s largest as a (CDM) Clean Development Mechanism. The Himachal Pradesh is completely ruled by a parliamentary structure of representative democracy. In the agriculture field, it gains its productivity and household incomes. The official language of this local individual talks Hindi and lingua Franca. The religious status of this arena includes around 95% of Hindus and remaining were Sikhism and Buddhism. The big and ancient culture followed by the people, which are different. The food types of this people have rice, vegetables and lentils. The special in this delicious Himachal region includes Maahni, Saloona, Palda, bhagjery, Sepu badi, Saag, etc. The Himachal Pradesh covers many in showing the wealth of this snowy region. Several famous celebrities are comprised in this region like wrestler The Great Khali, Indian actor Anupam Kher, and others.  


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