Goa is the smallest state in India, which is found on the India’s west coast, in the region of Konkani. Initially Portuguese ruled Goa around 450 years and after certain obstacles, Goa state has been liberated by Portuguese and then Goa become as the one of the part of India. Goa is also one of the richest states in India, where each and everyone want to go to Goa for atleast once in a lifetime. Goa is basically having a foreign look which has been surrounded by beach where one can able to have lots of fun in that place. Goa is also considered as the agricultural state, because there one can find the many agricultural crops. Rice is the major agricultural crop in Goa followed by the coconut and cashew nut.

The administrative capital of the Goa is Panjim and it is also the business industries hub. The major language spoken Goa is Konkani, where English and Marathi is used for the purpose of official literacy or for the purpose of education. It also considered as the Goa’s second or third language, which is the India’s national language. The most liked food in Goa for the Goa people are fish curry and rice. Coconut is also one of the most preferable item followed side dishes of mixtures of spices, vinegar and chillies. Goa is the state which is a mixture of all the religions, so all the festivals are celebrated here.


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